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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Cats and Their Issues or Tapeworms Oh the Fun

Let me start by saying I do not like bugs. They do not intrigue me, I do not like to watch them or shows about them or read books about them. That said I just spent the last 45 mins trying to figure out which kind of bug is coming out of both my cat's asses. ARGH!

Dipylidium caninum. Tapeworms. And the white wiggly things dropping outta the cat butts are gravid proglottids. UGH!! I know this because I found a site that was kind enough to include not only pictures but cartoons demonstrating the entire life cycle. And now I'm supposed to go eat lunch. And because I wasn't sure what kind of worm was ass-dropping I had to look at pictures of round worms, and hook worms - they have teeth. Really, really grossed out right now. But not as much as I thought.

Apparently we {humans} have been living for millions and millions of years with parasites.

I just need to accept the realities of life.

I also need to vacuum my entire house, including my bed. I need to wash my sheets, and the futon cover. IMMEDIATELY!!! Also, need to wash down all available surfaces in home with bleach. Need to make sure house is deflea'd. Need to vacuum bed, and pillows.

I hate bugs.

Oh, and take the cats in and spent a hundred or so bucks to get de-wormed. They were free kitties! Just goes to show, nothing in life is free.


Cheese Danish and Coffee

Another glorious morning in coporate America. Stopped at the little coffee shop on my way from the parking lot to my building. Got a cheese danish, which I am currently enjoying, and a large cup of coffee. I prefer my coffee with cream and sugar. Well, non fat milk and sugar. I don't really like the taste of coffee but I like the effect. I adore cheese danishes. I could eat them every day. I don't, but I could.

Sitting here at my desk, all logged in and ready to go. Got my radio tuned to the local oldies station. I say oldies but it's "the best of the 80's and more" so it's my version of oldies. I tried getting the true golden oldies but the station doesn't come through. Sad for me. I miss quality radio. The station I'm currently tuned to is a part of Clear Channel, and plays the same songs over and over again. But it's the best I can find. Blech. Look at me, I'm settling. That is so uncool. OHHHH... Found a preacher station. Going to try this. Get the Holy Spirit in my life.

This guy is pretty good. Hmmm. Y'all have a blessed day.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Been a Long Time Gone

Ok. Been a long time since I blogged. Mostly because I forgot I had a blog. Sad. That and City of Heroes. I blame Statesman. Incredibly addicting game. Stayed up way to late playing it last night. It's 9am and I need a nap.

Actually, since it's 9am, it's time to make a coffee run. I shall return shortly.

Back. Got apple juice, a breakfast taco and some fruit. It was outrageously expensive. But it's food, and maybe it will perk me up a bit. Seriously, didn't get to bed until 1 am. I was still dreaming of Patrick Swayze and birthday parties when I woke up this morning. Ah, REM sleep. I need more. It was just getting interesting.

Ran a 2 hour Taskforce but ended up taking 3 1/2 hrs. Gained a level but lack sleep. The adult in me doesn't think the trade off is worth it. The gamer in me wishes I was home, using the respec I earned.

Well, gotta get back to work. No rest for the weary, and all that jazz.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Money and MBA's Make Sane People Stupid.

I mean it!!! Money and MBA's make sane people stupid. Honestly.

I answer payroll questions at work, and I'll you what the higher up the EE the less likely they are to understand how things like taxes and deductions work. I mean honestly, colleges don't teach that? How to read a paycheck? They should. You should get that information in grad school, for all the money you pay.

I love the VP's ' cuz 1., they think that means VIP - very important person, and 2., they are generally the worst offenders. Sales people aren't bad, usually, and regular employees are pretty understanding, mostly. Unless of course we really fuck up the pay. Which we occaisionally do.

By the Way -- I have decided to stop holding back, and stop over-censoring so this blog is going to go rated R. So please be aware ... bad words abound.

Well. Not much else, and super busy anyway.


Friday, January 07, 2005

New Year, Old Bullcrap

So we're 7 days into the new year, 2005, in all it's glory!!! And ya know what? New year, same old bullcrap!!!

I'm still a corporate stooge for "the man," a desk monkey, a paper pushing desk jockey. Joy, I still have a job.

My co-workers, Wingnut included, are still mostly crazy. I like Riddicks quote from Pitch Black "pyschofuck family" Yep. Pretty much all pyscho, and all pretty much fucked. It's okay though, 'cuz the pay ain't crappy. Ain't great but ain't crappy.

I'm not particularly happy this month, was supposed to have my review and still no .... been sending emails but no response there either ... although my boss's boss did stop by to tell me it was only a little late but should be soon. Didn't respond via email - so nothing can be tracked to her .. nice ... and I still don't have a review. Ah well, what's money anyway?

And honestly it's not the money, it's the credibility. If you can't do my review on time, then what else is gonna be late? Maybe the paid holiday schedule? Yep, that's late too .. but only for us, our dept, our little group. The rest of the companies have theirs but not us. 'Cuz we don't matter.... See, there's a lack of credibility. Plus no one can ever decide what any of our policies are because we don't write them so no one can argue with us about them. It's very sad, and yet reasonably smart. I mean, how to you fight with a constantly changing policy that isn't written down anywhere you can get it? Common Corporate Practice. It's a great thing ... NOT!!

But hey, I'm employed ... and I wasn't hit by a tsunami ... I still can't believe the insane loss of life. How does the mind comprehend 147,000 people; men, women and children, dead? Families destroyed, lives destroyed, countries destroyed. And then the bickering, who's giving enough and not enough .. Is there another motive besides generosity? I felt fairly uncomfortable listening to the Pastor tell us to donate money because it might make them like us more... that this is a terrorist recruiting area and if we can show them how nice and generous we are maybe they won't turn to terrorism. So what, if the country doesn't hate us we won't give them money? We're gonna buy the world's affection?

I'm not saying we shouldn't give, and give generously. We owe it to our world community to help those in need as much as we can, any way that we can. But we shouldn't expect anything back. True generosity is giving without hesitation, and without expectation of reward.

Hmph. That is my soapbox. I'll wander off it now.

See all y'all on the flipside.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Saying Goodbye to a Loved One.

I received sad news this morning at 6:01 am. A friend of mine lost her Dad, late last night. It's been a long battle, going on since this summer. It was wrenching to watch. It hurt to watch her suffer. And it hurt to realize that one day I too will have to say goodbye to my parents. They seem so indestructable, so vital and alive. I can't imagine not being able to talk to them or bug them .. or have them in my life.

So please, when you read this, take a moment and appreciate your loved ones. And say a prayer for a beloved Father who has passed on.

In fact, I want to light a candle for several loved ones that have gone on ahead. God Bless them.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Another Day, Another 75 Cents

I was going to do some thing more in keeping with the "Season" but my co-worker "Wingnut" is making me nuts. Her heater is out, and it's a whole drama to get it fixed. We're in Houston, which is a freaking sub-tropic, it doesn't snow.... it barely freezes!!!! And she's having a meltdown. She's also regaling me with stories of her grandkids, and how little she has to give them. It's sad and horribly uncomfortable.

So it's a downer of a day, and that's not very Holiday-ish.

Went Christmas shopping with my Mom yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Then went home and got ignored by my husband. That wasn't quite so fun. He still doesn't get that ignoring me for 3 hrs just sets my teeth on edge. He seems to think it turns me on.

Men. Or rather Husbands.

I wondering if I should just ignore him back, but that seems petty. I'll need to think on it. Feel free to leave advice.

But back to the Christmas shopping. Went to Neiman Marcus which seemed to me to be over priced but then... I'd never pay $220 for a sweater.... better things to do with that kind of money. Like upgrade my motherboard, or video card.

Maybe I'm just cheap.

Well, I'm off for tea. Tootles

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Eating My Weight in Boredom

I work in an industry that tends to run feast or famine. Call centers -- you're either incredibly busy or incredibly bored. And when I get bored I tend to munch. AND munch!!! AND MUNCH!!!

You'd think that I would know this about myself, and have enough self control to out the cookies down. But it's not working. And I'm not currently happy with myself.


What to do now? Logged in, ready to go.... nothing to do but eat.